Victoria Milligan, Speaker


Resilience in the Face of Adversity

and how we can all learn to be more Resilient and Adaptable in this ever changing world.

Victoria Milligan's whole life changed in a split second 6 years ago when her and her family were involved in a horrendous speed boat accident in Cornwall. Her husband and 8 year old daughter Emily were killed, she lost the part of her left leg and two of her children were injured. Left with life changing injuries, devastating grief and three children to look after, she has had to find a way to live on through the emotional and physical pain.  

Victoria has learnt how to adapt to her new life by embracing living in the now and harnessing the power of positivity. She is here to share her story with us and her top tips for resilience, a skill we all need to develop in this ever changing world. Click here to view Victoria’s Ted Talk, Time is Precious.